How To Invest in Real Estate Without Using Your Own Money

Real estate investment has gained popularity over the last five decades. Although this market has numerous opportunities for large profits, owning and purchasing real estate is complex compared to bond and stock investment. It is thus, crucial to learn how to invest in real estate for one to increase their wealth. The following sections describe various forms of real estate investment and what they entail.

Fundamental Rental Properties

This is the oldest form of investment. In this instance, an investor will purchase property and rent it to tenants. The landlord will then be responsible for mortgage payments, taxes and property costs. Ideally, landlords’ charges cover these mentioned costs. In other cases, the landlord may charge extra to cover costs until mortgage repayment but, it is strategic to exercise patience and only charge for expenses until the payment of the mortgage. At this time, most of the rent will turn into profit.

Moreover, property will have value appreciation during the mortgage course. In this regard, the landlord’s asset will be more valuable. There are some downsides to what may appear like a perfect investment. One can end up with tenants who destroy property or worse, lack tenants in the first place. This leaves one with a negative flow of cash. There is also the issue of locating the correct property. One should choose an area with low vacancy rates besides an area where individuals will prefer to rent. One should note that this form of investment comes with enormous responsibilities.

Real Estate Investment Factions

These resemble mutual funds for leasing properties. For those who wish to own rental properties but do not want the hassles of being landlords, this provides a good solution for them. In this case, a company will purchase or construct a set of condos or apartment blocks and permit investors to purchase them through the corporation, thereby, joining the faction. One investor can own multiple or a single unit but the company running the investment faction manages every unit. In return for management, the company takes a rent percentage. Investment group quality relies wholly on the company providing it. Theoretically, it is safe to invest in real estate, but factions are susceptible to similar charges that irk the mutual fund sector. Again, research plays a vital role in knowing how to invest in real estate.

Trading in Real Estate

These traders represent a different breed from the typical purchase-and rent landlords. They purchase properties with the aim of holding them temporarily, frequently for 3-4 months after which they sell the property for profit. This method is also termed flipping properties. It occurs on the basis of purchasing properties that are either considerably undervalued or exist in extremely hot markets.


These are investment trusts that emerge when corporations use investors’ money to operate and buy income properties. People trade and purchase them on the main exchanges similar to other stocks. This form of investment does not include income tax from the corporate whereas, regular companies would incur profit tax during which they would have to allocate profits as dividend should they choose to do so.