All About Facebook Advertising Costs

Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the web with its more that five hundred million active users and what is interesting to note is that most of these users log onto this social site daily. This is one thing that makes most internet advertisers keen about the power of this social networking site to reach to millions of potential customers worldwide.Facebook advertising has been known to cost less than spending on advertising with the other networks with its lower costs on keywords and per impressions. And with this lower cost also comes other factors like stricter guidelines for doing advertising campaigns, unlike with other networks where advertising regulations are less strict.But with the much lower cost and the more capabilities to reach out to more viewers, the stricter guidelines will not be a hindrance, and if you will just adhere to these, your ads will more likely be approved. If you had an ad campaign with the other networks and already had an idea of the higher ranked costs, then your advertising plan with Facebook will not give you problems because Facebook adheres to market prices and you can even bid slightly lower.You can choose between cost per click advertising (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) strategy with your advertising plan on Facebook. But before you start with your ad campaign you have to recognize first your intended customers and base your ads with the geo-targeting data that Facebook will furnish you.Advertising on Facebook needs for you to identify what your objectives are if you do these advertising strategies. If you want your targeted customers to click on your ads and make conversions, then the cost per click is ideal for you but if you want to promote your brand and create awareness to people the cost per thousand impressions will be an ideal strategy.Whether you opt for cost per click or cost per thousand impressions you have to set your daily ad budget with reference to the maximum bid you placed for your ads. This is essential because with your ads placed on this social site, when your daily ad budget is already reached your ads will automatically stop displaying which can be to your advantage if your funding is on a tight fix.There is a lot of buzz that advertising on Facebook may not give you the benefits you desire for this campaign, but if you only make your viewers the single most important factor in your advertising campaign, you may just reap the benefits. With its geo-targeting platform you can make this campaign successful if you only put more emphasis on your viewers and you only need to think that advertising with Facebook cost less.