10 Questions a Business Owner Needs to Ask Before Using Facebook Advertising

Have you tried to use Facebook advertising and had no luck? I have spoken to a lot of business owners the last couple of years that have said to me that I tried to advertise on Facebook and it was a waste of time. First of all, I will be the first one to say that Facebook Advertising is not for every business and if people can easily buy your product elsewhere, or can compare prices easily online, then selling your product on Facebook is going to be difficult. However, on the flip side if your product is unique or personalized then Facebook advertising is for you. Facebook is the worldwide capital of individual expression and it is perfect to sell customized and personalized products. Here are ten questions every business owner needs to ask before advertising on Facebook.1.) Can people buy a product very similar to yours at a big box store, i.e Walmart? If you sell a product that can be bought easily in a brick and mortar store and at a lower price like a discount store like Walmart then it is going to be harder to sell your product and make money with Facebook advertising unless you are the lowest price.2.) Do you sell to consumers? (B2C) Facebook advertising is for you if you sell to consumers and not businesses. Remember Facebook is a place to socialize and hang out with friends and family and if a friend or family member talks or brags about something new they just bought you have a potential new client.3.) Do you sell to other businesses? As I just mentioned if you are a business selling to other businesses then Facebook advertising is not for you. However, and exception can sometimes be if you sell to small businesses with few employees because at those types of businesses work and home are sometimes mixed and blended together.4.) Is your product technical, industrial, process oriented and/ or academic?If your product is highly technical and process oriented it will be tougher to sell and make money using Facebook advertising.5.) Do you sell events, memberships, experiences, and/ or entertainment? If you sell “fun” Facebook Advertising is a great place to promote your product. Products that appeal to a person’s core identity are great products to sell on Facebook. Because Facebook is social people are always asking “Where have you been?” What clubs do you belong to?” and “Where do you want to go?”6.) Do you sell personal improvement products or travel? Again, products that get to an individuals core identity and emotions are really good products to use Facebook advertising.7.) Are your products or services customized, delivered in person or personalized? Answering yes to this questions puts you right in the sweet spot to use Facebook advertising. The more your product is personalized and customized the higher your chances of getting people to click your ad and purchase from you.8.) Does your market have strong preconceived notions about what your prices “should” be?If your product or service is easily defined in the market place on price it will be more challenging to use Facebook advertising. However, if your product or service is one that the marketplace really does not know what it costs then you probably have a real good chance of profiting from Facebook advertising.9.) Does your business harmonize with political, religious convictions, beliefs or social movements? If you answered “yes” to this question then you hit another sweet spot because if your product or service harmonizes with a person’s identity – political affiliations, religious convictions, beliefs, or social movements then you will have a significant advantage using Facebook advertising.10.) Is your business local or national? In a previous post I wrote about Facebook advertising – I mentioned that if your business is local and someone can turn a door knob then you have a really good shot at getting new clients from your Facebook advertising. There is one caveat and that is you need to have answered yes to at least questions #2, #5, #6, #7 and possibly #9. If you were able to answer yes to all of them then I would say Facebook advertising is for you.I hope these 10 questions help clarify for you on whether or not Facebook  is right for you. Also, just so we are straight just because you may have a product that does not sell well using Facebook advertising that does not mean that you can’t use it to build your brand and awareness of your product.If you would like to learn more on how to use Facebook to get traffic and customers to your site I have developed a course for business owners that helps walk them through the process step by step. You can learn more about it at www.gettingfbtrafficsystem.com.